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     Engineering design for REEF company 

     Chemical plant explosions that are the result of explosions of flammable liquids could be disastrous. After one of these destroyers, SAZACO company invited for designinig new site.Through knowning the hazards, store flammable liquids properly, control all ignition source and provide personal protective equipment we were able to make complete engineering design as below : 

    - Piping drowings, pumps and valves selection and datasheets, safety systems, charge and discharging system with pneumatic valves for tanks

    - Fire Fighting main pipeline and distributing  with all haydrants , FF boxes and monitors for tank farm and other positions in site

    - Automatic Deluge valve and Sprinklers design for tanks and salons

    - All calculation and design in accordance to the  NFPA13,15 STANDARD.

    - All engineering design for warehouse ,Automechanic,Mechanical & Electrical workshop

    - F&G system for tank farm and site

    - Dike wall and septic design

     - Structure & foundation for tanks platform in Thinner production salon

     - Process include vessels ,piping ,pumps, valves, charge & discharge system for vessels  in Thinner production salon11

     - Instrument and system control

     - Power, distributing & Earthing

     - Lighting design

    -  Piping and 3D design for whole site

    - Isometric design for process and above ground F.F. pipelines

    - Design and procurement for instrument equipments, preparing cause & effect documents

    - Power panels and distribution design, earthing design

    - Piperack and supports

    - Administration building design


    REEF Co Owner/Client
    Engineering design Scope of work
    Esfahan province Location

    Tank farm

    Thinner production

    Safety & Fire water system


    Mechanical & Electrical salon

    Fire fighting station

    Administration building


    2011 Start
    Completed Project status