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    Design and construction of chemical Pilot Plant as a small scale of final chemical plant for manufacturing water based emulsion polymers  with 150 kg capacity in each batch of production :

    The main purpose for construction of the pilot plant is to calculate and to generate an initial design for the actual plant. Also,  in this project financial estimates and market studies had been done:



    1- New products formulation & material replacement

    2- Production staff training

    3-PLC & Automation

    4-Explore new application for material & products

    5-Vessel Fast Action Closure

    6-Finantial studies  and cost estimation for completing project as a EPC  project

    7-Monitoring, automation application and training, system Alarms, training for Automation, preparing

    Cause & Effect document, design  PLC system pages for monitoring

    8-Water based emulsion resin manufacturing process as a pilot plant for working,training, checking