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      After studies were finalized with pilot plant and  products application,  this project was started in 2009.

     This project is done in all fields of engineering, procurement and construction. Production unit include 2 production lines with 64 tons/day capacity for production-wide range of water based emulsion polymers .These products are used as a final or raw materials in industries below:


    -Facade and indoor building paints production factories

    -Cement additives

    -Wide range of textile coating and resin for textile printing

    -Adhesive for wood industries

    -Adhesive for paper and cardboard

    -Road marking

    -Isolation coatings, Tile adhesive, Building

    seamer,Thickeners, Putties ...


    This plant can produce a wide range of water based emulsion polymers such as

    - Homo polymers

    - Co polymers

    - Acrylic polymers

    - Acrylic styrene

    These products are used in the following sections:

    - Homo polymers use in : Sizing of fabric, paper & cardboard glue, wood adhesive and other applications

    - Co polymers use in : Various sizing, color paste for textile, paints, types of protective lacquer coating, textile and leather finishing, packaging, electricity glue, and building applications

    - Acrylic and styrene polymers use in: production of interior and exterior paints, washable paints, insulation, building materials, concrete additives, traffic paints, coatings, flexible coating for machines....


    Phases of the project are as follows:e1506

    - Laboratory reactor

    - Pilot plant

    - Using feedback of pilot plant in industrial plant design


     Tasks in a turnkey contract:

     Basic and detailed engineering design, Know-how and license, procurement and contracts, Construction vessels and equipment, full commissioning and production, Automation and monitoring, Electrical panels, Water treatment packages, Utility and pipe rack, Structure, Installation, Tasks related to project electricity connections and control


    Polymer Iran Co Owner/Client

    Basic engineering

    Detail engineering



    Power station & distribution


    System automation


    Construction supervision

    Water treatment

    Boiler house

    Cooling system

    Commissioning & start up

    Scope of work
    Esfahan province Location
    2parallel production line with 64 ton/day capacity Capacity
    2009 Start
    Completed  2012 Project status